Friday, March 16, 2007

Tour de Lambert Park

Had a great time this evening riding the trails at Lambert Park in Alpine thanks to Kris and his wife Jolene. The trails were all tight, narrow singletrack. Some rocky, some hard packed dirt and others still covered in fall leaves. I think our basic route was something like this:

Rodeo to River to Middle then up Poppy then down Ziggy, then up Poppy again and down upper Ruin then Lambert's Luge connecting to Middle then up Spring

Good times for sure.

Too bad we still have a couple of months to wait for the high country to open up... This summer I need to check out the Park City and American Fork Canyon trails. However, in the meantime I should follow Fox's lead and head south to Moab. It will be interesting to read his thoughts on the Rim Ride route.

I think tomorrow I'm going to spectate the A race at RMR with the family and then drop the kids off in Sugarhouse at Great Grandma's house so Cami and I can ride together. Our plan is to head up Emigration so I'll be sure and give the Emigration Oaks climb at least one go and post my time tomorrow night. I'm guessing if the fast guys do it in 9 minutes I'm probably looking at something between 15 and 20. Should be a good benchmark of my fitness as the season progresses and give anybody who reads my blog something to laugh about!

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