Monday, March 19, 2007


I had intended to ride at lunch but as is often the case my departure was delayed and I didn't actually hit the road until after 1 pm. I rode the mountain bike up to the zoo (even in the 32x32 the 800 S hill is a killer on cold legs and I won't allow myself to use the small ring on pavement) and hopped on the shoreline trail. I tried some side trails (I'm not sure if they have names) I don't normally ride on the way to Dry Creek which was fun. Dry Creek itself was dry, as in bone dry, no runoff whatsover. I'm not sure what's up as last spring I remember riding up sections of the stream bed in 4" of running water but hey, I won't complain. I rode over to the water tower where I ended up dropping into Terrace Hills as the singletrack with the "Hiking Trail" sign always makes me think bikes aren't allowed. Does anybody know if it's ok to ride that? My friend at work says he always goes that way to drop into City Creek but it just seems odd that a multi-use trail would have such a prominent sign declaring it as a hiking trail. Seems totally counter intuitive to me if bikes are really ok. So I started on pavement and finished on pavement but the dirt in between was fantastic.

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