Monday, March 12, 2007

Hook me up with some of that energy!

Don't laugh, but after logging 8.5 hours on the road last week I'm still tired. So, after trying to talk myself into riding all day at work I gave in to reason and called my wife on the drive home to give her a heads up. She quickly got ready for her first 2007 ride outdoors in Utah (she's not a big fan of winter riding). After seeing her out the door the kids and I headed over to the local church parking lot. Yesterday my 4 year old daughter, Kate, had attempted to ride without training wheels for the first time on the Jordan River Parkway without much success. Today, however, she was shredding the asphalt after 10 minutes of coaching and push starts. I tell you what, there's something incredibly satisfying about watching your kids ride bikes. While Kate was cruising the parking lot with a big grin on her face Alder was burning timed laps around the building. He started off at 54 seconds and over the course of the next 20 minutes was able to shave 5 seconds off his time. At 6 years old he's pretty fast and incredibly persistant. He wanted to do it in 39 seconds and couldn't understand why his times weren't dropping past 49 seconds. He kept asking me, "Where am I going slow?" I told him it's normal for your legs to get tired the longer you ride but he didn't seem to believe that could be possible. I'm thinking the two of them might win more races than me this year!

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Dave Harward said...

just wait until they ask you to go for a short ride after many hours in the saddle. there's no way to resist no matter how tired you are. the first curb jump was a proud moment!