Friday, March 30, 2007

Huh? Tour of Utah Postponed/Cancelled

I just read that the 2007 Tour of Utah has been postponed. You can check out the details over at the Road Magazine blog. According to Velonews the race has been cancelled. Either way it sucks big time. It seems lame to make this announcement almost 3 months before it was scheduled to start. I mean, the Tour of George starts April 16th and up until a week ago it was doubtful whether it would happen or not. Even so they didn't postpone the race or anything, just busted their asses to line up the necessary sponsors. Why didn't the folks at Tour of Utah do the same? Heck, as far as bike races go they have a ton of time to get it done. In my opinion it sounds like they just gave up. The fact that the Executive Director "stepped down to pursue other opportunities" tells me that somebody was asleep at the wheel. Regardless, how can 3 months not be enough time to save the race?! What a joke.

On the riding front I hit out with Adam this evening for a ride up to the top of Rose Canyon. He was chilling and I was working hard. Not sure what to do about that but man, Adam is rolling well this year. My time up Rose Canyon was 10% slower than my last run. I'm not sure if that is due to my being sick last week, the wind, cold or what but my average heart rate was 178 for the effort so at least I gave it a go. Hopefully it warms up soon as I'm not digging the cold weather.

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Neil@ROAD said...

I was really bummed about the tour being cancelled. Let me know if you hear anything other than what the press release stated. I'm curious what the buzz is on the streets of Salt Lake about the cancellation.