Saturday, March 31, 2007

Favorite post-ride meal?

For me it's a burger, fries and coke. Rides over 2 hours automatically qualify for a guilt-free dining experience. Today I drove to Springville for what I thought would be a fun, casual ride around West Mountain with the Utah Velo Club. Well, it was fun, but anything but casual! My average heart rate for the 2:28 was 158 and included a few maximum efforts required to close gaps between groups. Kris was in attendance and seemed to take pleasure in making me suffer by continually going to the front and increasing the speed at times when I would have welcomed a more relaxed pace!

After returning home and getting cleaned up I took the kids to grab a burger while Cami headed out for a ride. I was feeling Crown Burger but the kids wanted Wendy's so at 2:1 I was outvoted. A grilled chicken sandwich, small chili, diet Coke, fries, a few bites of Kate's hamburger and some spoonfuls of chocolate & vanilla Frosty later I was feeling pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Take pleasure in making you suffer? You make it sound like I was specifically targeting you! I'll chalk this up to friendly banter - don't make me get my own blog! ;-)

OK, I did lead out after the first 10 mile segment, but only because I'd been enjoying the 20+ mph pace so much from the first segment that I wanted to get rolling that same speed again. Wasn't it fun to be in that 5 man break? I paid for it on the 3rd segment as I let a gap open in front of me and couldn't close it (but you bridged it nicely). I've been riding alone so much lately that I did get a bit too enthused about riding with a group again. And I'm addicted to riding fast - it's exhilarating to me to fly down the road in a paceline with only sound of the wind, the tires, the chain and my breathing.

And I recall some moves of your own that prodded the pack. :-O

Utah Mnt biker said...

A good smothered burrito is the best after ride meal. Crown Burger would be a close second.

IamMatt said...

mmm.... crown buger.. mmm