Saturday, March 17, 2007

12:15 @ avg hr 183

Ouch! I started the watch at the first turnoff to Emigration Oaks on the way up and stopped it at the big rock on the right side of the road a few houses after Bart's, at the top of the last hill. The effort was full gas as demonstrated by a maximum heart rate of 194! Realistically I'll probably never hit 9 minutes but given it's only March I should be able to improve my time quite a bit over the course of the year. Cami opted to stick with the main road and I met her at the top of Little Mountain. We hadn't been out together since our trip to Phoenix in January so it was fun to just ride and enjoy the amazing weather.

Earlier in the day, before dropping the kids off at Great Grandma's house, we swung by RMR to catch the start of the A race. I had been tipped off last night that Fox was going to attack from the start and after the neutral lap he gunned it. A few others went with him and they established a good gap. Problem was that Jeff Louder wasn't in the move and he single handidly chased them down over the course of 2 laps. Man, that dude has some power! Speaking of which, he passed us coming down Emigration so RMR was obviously just a small piece of his day on the bike. The kids had tons of fun climbing on the rock walls and gave us the green light to come back another time.

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