Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mill Creek +2

Today's route was much better compared to yesterday's as I spent far less time stopped at lights and more time actually riding. Which is, of course, one of the benefits of riding up a canyon. I had planned to either head up Emigration or Mill Creek and ended up choosing the latter as the 800 S climb looked a bit too intimidating after only 5 minutes of riding! So I turned right onto 900 E and then turned left onto 2700 S. I climbed up 2700 S to 2000 E and took that to 3900 S which led me to Wasatch. The climb up the canyon was good, with mostly dry roads and little traffic. My time from the pay station to the gate was 23:55 at an average heart rate of 166. I didn't ride much last week as I needed to recover from my time in Phoenix and then had the business trip later in the week. Nothing is worse than finishing off a solid week of training only to get sick. A bunch of guys in my office have cold/flu symptoms right now so I'm trying to ease back into riding and avoid putting too much stress on my body. Last spring I found myself in a cycle of ride a lot, get a cold, ride a little, feel better, ride a lot, get a cold, etc. so I'm trying to avoid that pattern this year!

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