Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Neighborhood Trails

While the kids were swimming this afternoon at the community center I headed out for a quick ride. Wanting to ride dirt, but not having enough time to drive to any of my usual trails, I decided to ride from the house and check out my brother's neighborhood. Thanks to MtBikeAZ's trail description I knew the McDowell Sonoran Preserve was close. What I didn't realize was that it would only take 10 minutes before I was riding dirt! The initial approach was a rough, rocky doubletrack but once I neared the mountains I hit singletrack that never seemed to end. I jumped from one trail to another to another, riding portions of each as an out-and-back so I could try as many as possible. This area is a ton of fun and, as is evident by the pictures, extremely scenic as well. A very nice way to spend my late afternoon.

I didn't have a chance to explore either of these options:


KanyonKris said...

Wow again. Looks nice.

Looks like I've got tomorrow and then the weather turns and I'll be more jealous of the sunshine and warmth you're enjoying in AZ.

tstone said...

Nice photos...it looks fun!

Anonymous said...

just in case you're wondering ...

It's about 40 degrees with light rain as I type this.

But the sun might come out later.