Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Rabbit was Fast

Oh man, I met JE this afternoon at the International Center Subway for a ride to the SLC Marina and back that included a 20 minute effort at 165+ average heart rate. Well, I learned a lesson today: Don't give JE a head start. When I do intervals with another rider I like to let a gap open before starting my effort. That way I have somebody to chase which helps me maintain my intensity. Today, I followed that approach only to have JE light the road on fire. I never even got close during the 20 minutes! It provided a fantastic rabbit to chase but dang, he was motoring. His TT bike is sweet and I'm excited to see how he fares on the same road once the Saltair Series begins.


Anonymous said...

Too kind, Mark.

It wasn't fair, I think. You're a much stronger rider than me, but that bike made motoring too easy.

Next time, I want to flip the script and I'll chase you.

20 minutes is one thing, I wonder how I'll fair at a race like the Bear Lake Team TT. I'll need to find a couple willing partners to work with a TT newbie for 50+ miles. I don't know how my legs will hold up to that.

Anonymous said...

Looking back, I think there is one overwhelming reason you were not able to catch me ...

You weren't trying.

You were in a certain zone and sticking with it -- according to plan. Had you decided to go into TT mode yourself I'm sure the gap would have closed slowly but surely.