Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dessert is Evil

So last night Cami and I had a sweet sushi dinner at Kyoto. It was nothing too crazy: miso, squid salad, a few rolls and some nigiri. After finishing I was satisfied, but not completely full, so my thoughts soon turned to dessert. We stopped at Wild Oats on the way to pick up the kids and while Cami shopped for a few missing ingredients she needed to complete some recipes in her new Raw Foods cookbook, I looked for something sweet. My original plan was to pick up a cookie or two from the bakery but after a trip down the baking aisle I changed course and selected a Nature's Path organic chocolate chip cookie mix. The thought of freshly baked, warm, slightly gooey chocolate chip cookies with a cold glass of milk (skim of course!) was too much to pass up.

Upon arriving home I went to work, adding walnuts and oatmeal to the mix, and soon had 15 cookies ready for consumption. This is the point where I got into trouble. You see, according to the nutritional information on the box, 1 cookie (servings per box was 10) contains 150 calories based on the dry mix alone. Since I ended up with 15 cookies I was looking at 100 calories per, but when you include the canola oil, walnuts and oatmeal I added to the mix, the final count was probably closer to 150. When all was said and done, I had consumed 8 cookies and 2 glasses of milk. My glass holds about 2.5 cups so if you do the math (8 cookies x 150 calories/each) (5 cups of milk x 80 calories/cup) it appears that my dessert equaled about 1600 calories. Needless to say I haven't had the courage to go anywhere near the scale today!


Unknown said...

Dessert is sublime.

Especially after a triathlon or long day in the saddle.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

That looks like a plate of barf.

29er said...

shoot the scale and enjoy the cookies!

StupidBike said...

mmmmm cookie