Monday, March 10, 2008

McDowell Part 1

I say "Part 1" because this is the first of many days that will be spent in McDowell Mountain Regional Park on this trip. Tonight was just a quick 14 miles with my brother to wake up the legs. We hit sections of the Pemberton, Granite, Bluff, Tonto Tanks and Secret trails. This is my first trip to Arizona during "spring" and the desert is in bloom, not to mention incredibly green. I've never seen anything like it as all of my previous trips took place during the winter months. Speaking of firsts, this was also my first ride of 2008 in shorts and a jersey as the temperature was 80 when we started!

1 comment:

KanyonKris said...

I can't believe how green it is - very cool.

But 80 degrees is too hot. I'm glad I'm here in SLC where the temperature will top out at 56. Much better biking weather here. ;-)