Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back Again

Paid a lunchtime visit to the Salt Lake Marina again yesterday. While the temperature was noticeably cooler than last week the air was clean and clear making for some nice views of the lake and mountains. Assuming it's dry tomorrow, I'm planning to hit it again as I need to knock out some 3 minute intervals. As always, company is welcome so drop me a line if anybody's interested. Later in the week, once it warms up a bit more, I'll be heading up Emigration if that sounds more exciting than a flat, windy road that parallels I-80.


Anonymous said...


i may be up for a visit to Big Mountain on Friday since I won't be doing a group ride or the RMR crit on Saturday. No need to save the legs for me.

I've also been toying with the idea of riding up Butterfield Canyon one of these days. Think the road will be clean and clear enough for a roadie?

UtRider said...

I doubt Butterfield will be open for a while. I was able to get up about 3 miles last March 15th before running into snow. I'm guessing we have at least another month to wait if not longer. Big Mountain is a question mark too - have you heard that it's clear? Last year I rode it before the gate opened with Kris (April 24) and while it was clear of snow, it was covered in sand & rocks which made descending no fun.

Anonymous said...

If no big mountain, maybe I'll just do little mountain, the oaks and add in the ride up to and along wasatch from my place

that'd be a good 50 mile ride for me with some considerable climbing. I could use those miles.

Spring break week could be fun for me, my babysitter will be home all week and wanting to earn money for her upcoming trip to europe.

Utah Mnt biker said...

I think it will be weeks until Butterfield is ridable. Looking at the amount of snow that is still in the fields around Copperton.

Spring is a great time though to hit it before the gate is open, just watch out for Turkey and Deer.