Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Classic Friday Night Date in the Desert

The goal for today's ride was to complete the Desert Classic trail at South Mountain. As an out-n-back you're looking at close to 10 miles one way which isn't a big deal unless, like us, you start the ride after 5 pm. Being a conservative, cautious, worrisome guy I was ready to flip a U-turn at 6 pm, before we'd reached the end (or beginning, depending on where you start the ride) of the trail, but my brother was set on going the distance so we continued. 15 minutes later we hit the turnaround and, after snapping a few quick pictures to document our historic achievement, we headed back. It wasn't long before the sunglasses came off followed soon thereafter by a dramatic reduction in speed as our visibility steadily declined. Finishing a little after 7 pm in near darkness, we were greeted by a couple enjoying a little tailgate loving in the bed of the pickup behind our car. Yeah, let's just say that I should have waited a few seconds before turning on my headlights...

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