Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shredding the Dirt HON Style

I did a quick recon of the Hell of the North course this evening after work. Having done the race the last 2 years I can confirm that the dirt is in fantastic condition. Of course, having said that, the city could dump a few truckloads of pea gravel in the next few days like they did last year. Given my affiliation with the fair weather riding club, if I wake up Saturday morning to rain/snow (my race starts at 9:05 AM!) I'm going back to bed. Cross racer I am not!

Disclosure: I stole the picture from Kris who rode the course yesterday.


Unknown said...

I'm waffling, waffling, waffling on this one, too.

Bad weather will turn me off as well.

I'm looking forward to the Triple Valley race, though. Work even asked me to write a little something on it about the collegiate division.

StupidBike said...

A little moisture never hurt a soul, it will make you stronger.

Piotrek said...

Don't quit so readily. It may turn out to be a great race. If this year's weather patterns are any indication you may have to wait for a "nice" weekend race another 2 months or more. I hate getting wet as much as the next guy, but I never regret doing a race of attrition. Ah, the stories to tell your grandchildren. ;-)

UtRider said...

Quit is such a harsh word. Perhaps the following will help you to better understand my unwillingness to commit:

Lately I have been experiencing "stomach problems" which may make it impossible to take the start. Further, I have been warned that my hematocrit is currently 50.01 so I may be forced to "rest" for the next 2 weeks.

Piotrek said...

Yeah, "quit" was a bit harsh. FYI, I initially wrote "give up", but otherwise couldn't come up with a gentler synonym.

I'm actually looking forward to my 10 laps. I don't see myself as a lesser "survivor" than any of my competitors.