Saturday, June 16, 2007

NMBS Deer Valley Pro XC

Headed up to Park City this afternoon with the family for the big XC race after doing some time on the road bike in the morning. If you thought Deer Valley was hot yesterday today had to be at least 10 degrees warmer. Of course, the pro men started at 2 pm so that alone made for a hot day.

We set up shop on the Little Stick climb, starting at the first steep corner next to the Holleys and then walked up into the trees in search of more shade. After the race we ran into Fox and then Shannon and Kevin Day. Kate absolutely fell in love with Kashi, petting him nonstop for close to 20 minutes. Both kids also had a fun time chatting with Shannon, telling her all about their pets at home. We even saw the Unicycle Kid jumping benches, rocks and garbage cans. I saw him yesterday and told the kids to keep their eyes open in case he was around today. Alder spotted him first and was completely fascinated watching him ride.

JHK rode close to the entire race solo in first position.

Kabush was never far behind. Anybody know where I can order some of those sweet socks?

Bart rode a strong race. Here he is climbing Little Stick on his final lap and crossing the finish line.

On the way back to the start/finish we ran into The Fox and The Hound. Kate really liked the dog and asked if she could take a picture.

Even the fast guys are wasted after a race.

We had an invite to the Subaru/Gary Fisher post-race party where Kate scored a sweet hat and lanyard. As soon as the sunglasses went on she started striking poses.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to finally meet you and thanks for the race report and links. Hopefully we'll cross paths again.