Monday, June 25, 2007

Feeling Tired

Looking back at my training log it's no wonder I'm feeling tired. Since a nasty cold kept me off the bike for 5 days April 15-19 I've trained/raced for 68 hours over 39 days. On average I rode 4 days/week for 7 total hours. Max was 5 days and 10 hours. For the 39 days ridden, 15 were on the road bike and 24 were on the mountain bike. Ride times ranged from a low of 58 minutes to a high of 4 hours. Note that I don't record recovery rides with the kids.

I started to feel tired around this same time last year but kept riding, a mistake I'm not going to repeat. Yesterday I didn't ride (Sunday is my fixed day off). Today I just cruised the neighborhood for 30 minutes. Tomorrow I'll ride with the kids on the Jordan River Parkway and Wednesday will either be the same or another neighborhood tour. Thursday I'm going to do 1 easy lap of the Solitude course and Friday will be 30-60 minutes with a handful of hard efforts. Saturday is the ICUP race at Solitude where I'll be racing for the first time in the Sport 30-34 category. Wish me luck. I'll need all I can get!

Oh yeah, I totally realize that I could benefit from hiring a coach. If I ever get serious about racing (as opposed to just messing around like I've been doing this year) I'll do it. Until then I figure it's ok to do whatever, whenever I feel like it as long as I'm having fun! One thing I have wondered about is paying for 1-2 hours of "consulting" with a coach on a quarterly basis. I'd be curious to know if this is something anybody offers.


Anonymous said...

Don't get "serious", it's all about fun. Of course, you have more fun when you are pushing yourself, so having someone to push you is good.

Utah Mnt biker said...

Have fun baking in the sun on Saturday! 2 hours of climbing in 85 degree heat doesn't sound like something I want to pay for.

B-Horn said...

Ut-man, we have all been through it, it is a natural response, listen to your body and spin easy recovery days for multiple days. Also, you may want to go out early in the morning to avoid the heat that will sap you even if you are going 2mph.

I agree with tuRBo, make sure you are having fun, and a coach can not only help you ride stronger and smarter, but just as importantly, will prevent you from burying yourself.

Good luck.

IamMatt said...

Easy crest ride today. come have some fun. 5p.m. at mill d. I repeat easy

I too have been burnt out from riding before. Take your time. Just remember that its not just all about racing and going fast but to get out and enjoy your self and leave certain obstacles of life behind.

UtRider said...

Um, I'm not sure if any ride that involves climbing Puke Hill can be classified as easy!

I think my friend Kris will be doing the ride with you guys this evening. He was also trying to tempt me into going along. He'll be the guy on a brown Cannondale Prophet. Tell him I won't be swayed from the path of rest & recovery. :)

Unknown said...

I should have increased the temptation since I really don't feel riding the Crest burned me. Sure, Puke Hill was still a grunt, but it's short enough that I recovered quickly. The trail is in good shape and it was cool and green up there. We'll have to hit it soon.

StupidBike said...

Solitude is the best course in the series, IMHO. UahMNTBiker just needs to man up:)

Getting direction from a person or coach is priceless, Some can do it for themselves, I can do it for others, but not myself. Cause i have something in my brain that says GO HARD all the time, and that is not good for me. I need someone to reign me in.