Monday, June 11, 2007

On the Road Again

Thought I'd mix things up a bit and start the week riding the road bike. Met Curt at 6:30 am and we headed out for a loop around Herriman. He was doing one set of 10x15 second high cadence (120-140 rpm) intervals with 1 minute recovery in between efforts. I figured it wouldn't be too hard and decided to join in the fun. Well, after 4 or 5 the fun stopped as the 15 seconds started to hurt! It was a good workout for me since my leg speed has decreased as I've spent more time this year riding the trails. Speaking of which, tomorrow I'm scheduled to ride up American Fork Canyon in the evening with Kris. I've never been on the AF trails and if Adam's pictures represent reality I'd say I'm in for quite a treat.

Oh yeah, thanks for the understanding comments on my last post. Stuff like that is totally embarrassing and it helps to know I'm not the only one who has done something stupid.

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