Saturday, June 23, 2007

Boise Day #2

Was up early so I could ride to Uhl's house in time for our 7 am departure. Rolling out a few minutes past 7 we had Uhl, his wife Heather and Dan, a friend from the neighborhood. Heather races professionally for the America's Dairyland team which made this my first road ride with a pro athlete.

Last night I replaced my Maxxis tires with a new pair of Michelin Pro Races. On one of my first rides with the Maxxis tires the front sustained a large 1" cut. It's been ok for the last few weeks but since today was a big ride with new folks I didn't want to chance a flat. Well, guess what? I flatted my front tire within 10 minutes of leaving Uhl's house! Talk about bad luck. Luckily it was the only flat of the 70 mile ride.

Our route took us into Emmett then out to Black Canyon Dam and Horseshoe Bend. For those who are interested you can view a detailed map, courtesy of Uhl, here. We rode for quite a few miles along the Payette River which was fantastic. I wish I'd brought a camera though to be honest I'm not sure how many pictures I'd have been able to take as much of the ride was spent focusing on Uhl's rear wheel! Even on an "easy" ride that dude can motor. Oh, and he's also sporting some of the leanest, totally ripped legs I've seen on a cyclist. Like I said, I spent a lot of time on his wheel! About 50% of the roads were new to me which is always a fun experience. I'd never done the climb up the Old Horseshoe Bend Highway which looks deceptively easy but due to a slight headwind and rough road surface was painful. Again, I'm glad Uhl and Heather were taking it easy as it wouldn't have taken much to leave me far behind on the hill!

Since returning I've been eating pretty much nonstop. Anytime I do 4 hours on the bike I figure I've got a free pass (within reason) to eat anything. So far I've kept it mellow, just putting away the leftover chicken fajitas from dinner last night with a Coke, but when the pies leave the oven later this evening I'll take advantage of my calorie deficit and throw down a few slices!

Saturday Pie: Apple

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