Friday, June 22, 2007

Boise Day #1

I arrived in Boise yesterday at 5:30 PM with the kids and 2 cats. My wife is an advisor to the teenage girls at church and is in Moab rafting the Colorado as part of a youth conference. I figured since I was burning some PTO at work I might as well head to my parent's place so I had some backup watching the kids. Speaking of the kids, to say they were excited about the trip would be a huge understatement. Those of you with children and grandparents that live far enough apart to make frequent visits impractical know what I'm talking about. For mine each trip to Boise is like Christmas. For my parents it's a chance to spend time with their oldest grandkids. For me it's a great time to log some hours on the bike, eat a ton of tasty home cooked food and relax. Definitely a win win win situation for all parties!

So this morning I was up at 6 am and on the road before 7 am to beat the heat. I wanted to do a field test on the road to Bogus Basin so made my way to Hill Road. The section of Hill between Gary Lane and Bogus Basin Road is classic and never fails to bring back memories of riding it as a teenager. Back then it was rare to run into other cyclists on the country roads SW of Boise so when Goat and I were in the mood to test our legs against other riders we'd head to Hill Road. This is one of the main routes to get in/out of the city and always served up wheels to follow.

Reminiscing aside, after a quick stop at the gas station at the base of Bogus Road I started up. The test began at the 3-way stop by the school and ended at the Forest Service sign mid-way up the climb. Unfortunatly I missed my previous personal best by 37 seconds. However, my legs didn't feel too hot (probably a result of the 5+ hours in the car yesterday afternoon) so I'm reasonably happy with the effort. Tomorrow I'm supposed to ride 3+ hours with Uhl and his friends so hopefully my legs feel better. Luckily I have a few options to abort the planned ride to shorten it to 1 or 2 hours should the need arise!

Thursday's Homemade Pie: Apple

Pie on Deck for Friday: Fresh Raspberry (the kids are picking the berries as I type)

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Unknown said...

I'll trade you photos of Thunder Mtn for pie! :-)