Monday, June 4, 2007

Nap Time

Was up at 5 am to get ready for a 6 am ride with Kris at Yellow Fork. We rode it counter-clockwise and basically had the trail to ourselves. Normally I see turkeys when I ride this trail but Saturday I didn't see any. It's funny because the ride seems incomplete without a turkey siting. Well, this morning we ran into two groups of wild turkeys so I guess that makes up for Saturday and brings me back to even. The trail was still dusty but otherwise in great shape. The one drawback to riding the loop counter-clockwise is navigating the section of hike-a-bike as you climb the steepest section of doubletrack before topping out on the ridge. Some day I will ride it all but today was not the day. Think of the Wall on BST and then double the length, throwing in a bunch of medium-sized loose rocks & dust. Normally I don't ride the upper singletrack but since today was Kris' first "official" Yellow Fork loop we did that too. We finished the first lap in an hour so did another 30 minutes as an out-and-back on the north singletrack.

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