Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Had a good lunch ride today: Office to Popperton Park via E Street and 11th Ave, Dry Creek to BST to Bobsled and back to the office via 11th Ave and E street. The new entrance to the Bobsled is super loose and rutted but after 100 feet or so it improves. I only saw two other people on the trails: 1 rider and 1 hiker. A dead tarantula, lots of grasshoppers and a few lizards were the only other creatures I encountered.

I had two more slices of pizza for lunch when I returned to the office. After 2 days it's starting to get a bit old.

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Anonymous said...

I had nearly the same lunch today as well! maybe we should hook up sometime and eat dirt together. I'll stay tuned to see if and when you're headed out again and if you're interested.. I'll join ya.