Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick Lunch Ride

I had a lot to do in the office today (I'm afraid that trend is becoming all too common...) so kept the ride to under an hour - 54 minutes door-to-door to be exact. Knowing I didn't have much time I maximized the climbing by riding up D Street to 11th Ave and over to City Creek. I climbed up the BST to the main dirt road where I dropped down to the top of Terrace Hills and descended through the Avenues back to the office. Elevation gain was around 1,300 feet.

The climb up seemed much easier compared to my first ride in this direction a few weeks ago. However, unlike that ride I didn't make the steep corner with the wooden barrier this time though that was the only time I had to put a foot down. Why am I able to ride switchbacks uphill so much better than I can ride them downhill? That's something I need to figure out.

Oh, and even though I was wearing wool socks, knee warmers, base layer, jersey and a vest I FROZE on the descent back to work. What's up with this crazy weather?

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