Saturday, November 24, 2007

Water Support

I woke up feeling tired this morning so volunteered to provide water support for Cami during her trail run. I stayed close to her where I could (some trails are hiking only) and rode a few short loops in the opposite direction she was running so I could hand off the water bottle as we passed. Most of the ride was mellow but Cami decided to finish with a steep, sandy climb that I barely cleaned. Just as I was contemplating clipping out as my forward momentum stalled, she yelled at me to keep going which gave me the motivation to keep it rolling over the top. If I was cooked when we started, after that effort I was definitely well done and just rolled at her pace back to the car!

1 comment:

KanyonKris said...

What a good wife, giving you encouragement when you need it.

Cooked? I'm not buying it. Just last-minute training so you can kick my tail in AZ.