Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Shredding

Is it possible to shred when it's 20 degrees outside? Due to wind chill the downhill just wasn't as fun as it normally would be! I managed to get in 90 minutes of quality riding which doesn't give me the complete blank check I was hoping to have at the dinner table but bought me at least a few slices of pie. The Ridge to Rivers Trail System is always fun. I parked at Camelsback Park and rode over to Hulls Gulch. I took that up to the junction with Crestline but chose to ride the doubletrack over to 8th Street instead of taking the "freeway" down. I crossed the road and jumped on the Crane Gulch connector, finishing with Trail 31 (Corrals) and Bogus Basin road. The descent on the road was COLD and resulted in a killer brain freeze. There were a ton of people out on the trails and in the parks. Runners, road riders, mountain bikers, cyclocross riders, walkers and flag football players were all out braving the freezing temperatures. Cold temps aside, the weather was beautiful though it appears that Boise is prone to haze and inversions just like the valley in Salt Lake.

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