Friday, November 23, 2007

Better Late than Never

Logged 3 hours this morning in the Boise foothills with Goat's older brother who's in town from CO. We hit a few of the name-brand trails, riding some of them both directions: Hulls Gulch (both ways), Corrals (both ways), Bob's and Sidewinder.

I tested a new liquid energy drink on today's ride: Egg Nog. I poured a little more than 1 cup into my bottle for 400 calories of sweet, delicious goodness. Given the super cold temps it stayed nice and chilled. I'd take a small sip every 20 minutes or so followed by a big drink of water. I was worried that it would upset my stomach but I felt great and really enjoyed the guilt free consumption of Egg Nog!

1 comment:

KanyonKris said...

You had a good run going there - 18 photos with no people in them - then you ruined it with Goat's brother. ;-)

But seriously, I like the empty trail photos. They're inviting - calling like a Siren to go ride them.