Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bonus Time: Salt Lake BST

With the exception of the haze in the valley, the past two days have been fantastic for riding. I've been heading out during lunch and plan to do the same tomorrow. Based on the weather forecast it looks like winter will finally show up next week. Gotta hit the trails while they're available.


Anonymous said...

All right, mr mtn biker dude.

Wife and little monkies will be at grandma's Friday and Saturday mornings while I'm here working the T-Day weekend.

Weather permitting, take me on a ride.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I just checked the 10-day and Nov. 23-24 have highs in the low 30s. That's freaking cold!

UtRider said...

I'll be at my parent's place in Boise next week for T-Giving but if you want to get out the following week shoot me an email. I've been riding from 12-2pm this week but am pretty flexible as far as schedules go.