Friday, July 20, 2007

Upper Millcreek to Mid Mountain

This evening's ride was a recon mission that whet my appetite for more time on the Mid Mountain trail. I rode with Ed, a friend from work, and since today was his first of 2007 on the upper Millcreek trails we started by knocking off the climb to Dog Lake via Big Water. We didn't both to actually drop in to the lake, instead dropping directly onto Little Water for a quick run to Great Western. We rode up Great Western to the overlook and began our exploration by taking the Ridge Connector in search of Mid Mountain. It didn't take long before we hit the first of many Mid Mountain signs and soon found ourselves at the intersection of MM itself. Due to time constraints (Ed has 7 kids and is always late for something...)we couldn't ride much of MM other than 5 minutes in each direction to check it out. Next time I'm up Millcreek I plan to drop down and spend some quality time heading north on MM. Today we climbed back to Great Western and headed down. Ed took Big Water but I opted for Little Water. While he was dodging hikers and slow riders I pretty much had the trail to myself.

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