Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Beautiful Ride

Given the threat of thunderstorms in the mountains this evening, what had originally been planned as an after work ride was transformed into a late lunch/early dinner ride. I met Kris at the top of Millcreek around 2:30 and we rode until just before 5. We headed up Big Water to Great Western to the Ridge Connector to Mid Mountain. We did a quick 3 mile out-n-back on MM to the top of Holly's and then headed back the way we had come. With the recent rain from last night's thunderstorms the trails were damp but not muddy - perfect conditions. And while the humidity was high it wasn't oppressive and served to magnify the natural smell of the woods. Best of all the dust was gone, both from the trails and the plants that line the trails. Everything looked, felt and smelled clean. And while there was a chance of more thunderstorms today, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and partly cloudy conditions. All in all it was a fantastic ride.

One more thing I forgot to mention. I picked up a pair of the small Ergon GP1 grips this morning from Contender. My initial reaction after one 2 hour ride: Amazing. Yeah, those grips pretty much rule. Eventually I need to get a pair of the sweet green GX1 grips.


goat said...

Eldon rides those grips.

I, on the other hand, don't understand grips, opting instead for double-wrapped handlebar tape.

B-Horn said...

U R A Winner! Pick ur bevarage man, good job!