Monday, July 9, 2007

Friends Don't Let Friends Break Collarbones

Unfortunately I failed in this regard today as my buddy Goat went down on the Great Western trail up American Fork Canyon this morning and broke his collarbone less than 10 minutes from the end of our ride. When it happened he was feeling good, enjoying the fun singletrack in the trees and catching a little air off of the many small root drops. All was good until he caught a bit too much air ahead of a slight left hand turn in the trail and landed in the soft dirt along the outside edge. When he tried to correct in order to stay on the trail his front wheel stuck and he caught some air himself as he flew over the bars. He assumed his collarbone was broken which was confirmed by the x-rays. Luckily (if any part of this experience can be considered the result of luck) the break is on his left side and he's right-handed. It's also a clean break though the two pieces of his collarbone overlap by 4.5 cm. The ER doctor at American Fork Hospital felt that the bone would heal naturally though to be safe he referred him to an Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow for a second opinion.

For a couple of inspirational collarbone recoveries check out the stories of Dave and Lynda.


Piotrek said...

Bummer! That's why I stick to the road. Less likely to catch air, more likely to catch CO, NO2, CO2, etc.

Unknown said...

My first Goat meeting and little did I know what a jealous, competitive person he is. Earlier in the ride I had performed a really nice endo. Not to be outdone, Goat airs out a no-trail huck and scores the broken collar bone. And thus he gets the blog glory and I get not a word. Thanks for stealing my glory, Goat! I thought about upping the ante with a massive crash worthy of a Life Flight, but I wussed out. ;-)

Seriously, I certainly feel sad about Goat's injury. In hindsight I regret not giving a warning about that section. It seems so tame, but it's nearly crashed me a few times.