Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bike Commute Day 1

Yeah, so I pretty much suck at commuting to work via bike. Compared to Forrest I've got nothing. It's funny 'cause each time I ride to/from the office I think to myself, "You know, I should really do this more often" but for some reason it never seems to happen. Oh well, in my defense (and it's a weak defense I know) I drive a Honda Civic as opposed to some big, gas guzzling beheamoth of a vehicle. Poor justification I know. Anyway, door-to-door I'm looking at 19.5 miles each way and while the route isn't the most scenic, all things considered it isn't bad.


Utah Mnt biker said...

Wanna trade? I'll ride your 20 mile commute if you drive my 40 mile commute.

Alicen said...

Mark...that's awesome you ride to work. Darrin has no excuse for not riding 3 miles now to his work! :)

Forrest said...

Rock on!

I at least have a shower and locker room. My ride is only around 10 miles each way. Maybe thats why I am not fast, my commute is not long or hard enough.