Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maybe I'll race beginner...

Mountain biking up Payson Canyon this morning was sweet: Lots of good singletrack climbs, fun descents and a good portion of doubletrack that, according to Jesse, is similar to the course at 5-Mile. Speaking of Jesse, all I can say is that dude is fast. Uphill, downhill and flat to rolling terrain, he just rode away from me. My legs felt good but I just couldn't hang. Given that we're in the same age group, I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't start out racing beginner. Thing is, I figure I can do two solid laps so the thought of only racing one leaves me feeling like I'm getting shortchanged. Since I'm just out to test myself and have fun I suppose it really doesn't matter if I'm at the bottom of the Sport field. At least that's what I'll be trying to convince myself this week! Many thanks to Jesse for letting me tag along today. I'm looking forward to more rides this year as the higher elevation trails like Bennie Creek and Blackhawk open up.

So after today's 3 hour ride my legs are pretty smoked. It was a solid week and I'm glad to finish it healthy. As far as weather goes I couldn't have asked for better. These past few days have been fantastic: Sunny, blue skies and temps in the 60's and 70's. Very nice. Let's hope it continues!


Anonymous said...

I'll give you my opinion again: race Beginner. You're new to mountain bike RACING and that's what the Beginner category is for. Yes, the shorter distance for Beginner means the race doesn't last as long, but the pace is higher so it's still quite the workout. 5-mile is an 11 mile loop so it's not real short. Believe me, you will be spent by the finish even in Beginner. And if you do well racing Beginner at 5-mile you can bump up to Sport for your next race.

But if you really don't mind being at the back of the pack, I'm sure you can hack the distance (but it will hurt).

Let's get out and pre-ride the course this week - that will help you decide.

Anonymous said...

You did fine Saturday. Like Kris said there's no shame in starting with one lap. That’s how I started. Decide why you want to race. I guess we all have our reasons, among other reasons, I like to test my skills and my fitness- racing provides that. You can’t worry about where you are going to finish among the other racers when you are just starting. After you put on the race plate and the dust from the starting line settles, it’s just you, your legs, and the terrain you are racing against.
Do you want to know what I would do? I’d do what ever I want and not worry about the class. If you want to do one lap, do one. If you feel like you want to do two, do two.
Lets pre-ride Thursday that will give you a better idea.


Utah Mnt biker said...

I would start at beginner. It's your first race and it will give you a chance to get a feel for racing.