Friday, April 13, 2007


Today I rode to the forest service sign up Bogus Basin Road. This is the halfway point of the climb which, according to my computer, is 7.85 miles from the 3-way stop at the school (the official "start" of the climb). My wife joined me and we rode out Hill Road together at a comfortable pace. When we reached the school I started an interval that I hoped would carry me to the sign in record (for me) time. Well, it started off well but after 25 minutes my legs were screaming and I had to ease up. My goal was sub-40 minutes (I realize that's not fast but by now anybody who follows my blog will know that I can't climb!) but ended up with 42:05 at an average heart rate of 174. I hung out at the sign and waited for Cami, eating two energy bars and finishing my water. On the way up I was hot, but once we started down I realized in a hurry that it was going to be cold. This was one of the few times that I actually looked forward to the two, short uphill sections on the way down as they gave us a chance to warm up!

We rolled easy on the way back and finished up with close to 3 hours. Even with the mellow pace to & from the climb my legs were toasted from the hard effort and the previous 4 days of riding. However, I couldn't let tired legs keep me from enjoying the beautiful weather so after lunch I loaded up the family and visited the MK Nature Center, Memorial Park and the Boise Train Depot.

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