Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lambert Park

Spent 90 minutes this evening cruising the trails at Lambert Park with a friend from work. The trails are in great shape with no residual mud from the storm last week. One noteworthy event was my taking the little kicker on Rodeo Down. That was fun. Another was starting to fall over in a tight, uphill section of Middle Spring only to have my butt lodge against a scrub oak trunk and keep me upright!

Tomorrow is BST at lunch with another session in the middle ring up Dry Creek and a first descent of the Bobsled. Should be a good time.

Not sure if I am going to race Hell of the North or the Cholla Challenge on Saturday. Right now I'm leaning towards the mountain bike...


StupidBike said...

MTB rules

Anonymous said...

Dirt road biking is still the sport of kings.
BMX rules.

Utah Mnt biker said...

Go suffer in the heat of the Cholla Challenge!