Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hometown Roads

Drove to Boise, Idaho this afternoon with the family so the kids can spend time with Grandpa & Grandma before heading back to school on Monday. After unloading the car I headed out for a quick ride. I did a nice loop out Floating Feather to the golf course then back on Beacon Light. For some reason the big feedlot full of cattle on Beacon Light and its accompanying stench always makes me feel at home. I've been riding by that place for the last 20 years and look forward to the next 20. With all the new development in the area it's nice to see a familiar landmark from my early days.

Hopefully the rain/snow forecast for tomorrow will clear up by the afternoon so I can get out. Friday looks to be the best day and I'm planning to ride up to Bogus Basin. I'm hoping for a Uhl sighting while I'm in town. I figure if I run into him on an easy day I might even be able to hold his wheel and say hello. Of course, based on his blog it doesn't appear he does many easy days!

Good luck to all of the Utah riders who will be racing at Sea Otter this weekend. My money's on Fox for the win in Semi-Pro short track on Saturday. Results, when available, can be found here.

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