Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday Lunch Ride

When: Thursday, March 18th at noon

Start Location: Einstein Bagels (481 E South Temple)

Route: Ride up E Street to 11th Ave. East on 11th to Popperton Park where we'll jump on the bike path that will take us to Dry Creek. Up Dry Creek and over to City Creek where we'll ride pavement back to Einsteins.

Notes: Normally this route takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to complete. Since this is a lunch ride during work hours you are free to ride your own pace and choose your own route. In other words, the group does not need to stay together. If you want to drop out on Bobsled that's fine. If you want to hammer up Dry Creek that's cool. If you want to meet us at Popperton that's great. If you want to ride longer go for it. As for me, I'll be riding at a conversational pace. I don't have many hours in my legs yet this season and won't be looking to hammer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the text update! I'm sad because I can't make it on this one. I had a lunch appointment that was scheduled for today, so I didn't bring my bike. It was rescheduled for tomorrow at noon. SNAP! I'm out on both days now.

Utah Mnt biker said...

I just posted the ride on UMB