Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back-to-Back BST

Lots of BST for lunch this week. I'd rather be skiing but when you're dealt two 60+ degree days it only makes sense to get out and ride.

Yesterday I headed east to the zoo, riding out with Mark A. (until he disappeared up Dry Creek), and back with with Bob and Karl. While the latter two were cruising along at a mellow pace (for them!) I was holding on (or chasing back on) for dear life back behind. Good times.

Today I rode with Mark A. and another friend from work, Raul, only this time instead of heading east we decided to go west. The word on the UMB Trail Conditions Forum was that the bst up to the radio towers was bone dry with the exception of a patch of snow towards the top, on a north facing slope. The description proved to be spot on and we had a good ride to the snow and back, choosing to flip a U-turn and keep our ride to 1 hour rather than posthole through the slushy snow. In fact, the trail was so good that I was able to ride everything on the way up without putting a foot down. That was a first for me as the trail gets a bit loose over the course of the year and last fall it seemed like I always lost traction coming out of one of the switchbacks and had to put a foot down.

Given my lack of riding in 2009 (thus far I'd estimate I have no more than 20 hours in my legs) I'm actually quite pleased with my form. The transition from skiing to cycling definitely seems easier than the transition from cycling to skiing. I'm not saying I'm fast right now - because I'm most definitely not - but am encouraged by what I've seen so far.

The leading picture was taken on the way down today, just before the trail switchbacks into City Creek Canyon.


Andy H. said...

are you racing?

UtRider said...

Nope. My first race will most likely be 5-Mile.