Thursday, March 26, 2009

Icing on the Birthday Cake


Another fantastic morning skiing. Too bad word got out that my birthday party was at Brighton this morning and half the city showed up to party!

Seriously, it seemed like the mountain was tracked out after my first run. No matter, the snow was so good it was still tons of fun to rip the deep, soft chop with the VP and my neighbor Mike.

Speaking of the latter, he was beta testing a pair of home brew powder skis and absolutely ripped. In fact, thanks to Mike I dropped my first 15 footer. Of course, it was completely unintentional as I was innocently following him down the mountain and had no idea what was coming. Well, I knew there was a drop in the area but didn't think he'd launch it. Turns out he did and not 10 seconds later so did I. Somehow I managed to land on my skis but immediately double ejected from my bindings and shot face first into the snow. Pretty funny and given that the lift passed directly above me I even received some cheers.

Or maybe they were just yelling happy birthday?


StupidBike said...

hoppy birfday

you need an intervention

29er said...

Birthday air - awesome.