Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Hours of Dirt & Pavement

I rolled out of the office at 4 PM for a couple of hours to burn some calories in advance of an evening barbeque (tri-tip and salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, broiled asparagus, spinich salad, bbq beans and oatmeal cake).

According to Bob the Shoreline Trail was dry between Dry Creek and the Zoo so I climbed up through the Avenues and started riding east. The trail was in great shape until I reached Red Butte at which point it turned into a soupy mess. Not wanting to get muddy I flipped a U-turn and rode back the way I had come. Only this time I continued west on 11th Ave to City Creek and started climbing the trail to the radio towers. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before I ran into mud so again I flipped a U-turn and descended back to the canyon.

Not ready to call it a ride yet, I rode up City Creek Canyon which, unlike the dirt, was bone dry all the way up to the treatment plant. However, just beyond the plant (where they stop plowing), the road was still covered with soft, slushy snow.

I flipped another U-turn and descended back to the office. The ride down was COLD and I wished I had brought a jacket instead of a vest.

Looking at the current forecast for next week it appears that my skiing days are numbered. I left my bike at work as I'll probably be riding a lot this week...

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