Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bring It

A line of severe thunderstorms is moving over Nortern and Central Utah this evening. Strong gusty microburst winds over 70 mph, hail and heavy rain will accompany this "squall line" as it moves through the Wasatch Front and areas to the south and east. Preparations for potential severe weather should be made by bringing in loose items scattered throughout your yard; as well as moving family members inside of a sturdy structure due to intense lighting that will arrive with this line of storms. This surge of tropical moisture has been slower in developing over Central Utah, but will move northward to clash with a cold front, while much of the remainder of the Beehive state will see gusty shifting winds. Some concern needs to be placed on the burn scare areas; in particular the Corner Canyon/Draper fire area for potential flash flooding and mud slides. As the coldest air arrives tomorrow, periods of morning rain will turn to afternoon showers in the Central and Northern parts of the state, while the south will become partly cloudy and rather windy on Labor Day. For those venturing into the high country, there will be periods of morning snow on Labor Day from about I-70 northward above 8,000 feet, including much of the Wasatch Plateau, the Bookcliffs, Tavaputs, Uinta and Wasatch Mountains. Several inches of wet snow will accumulate above 9,000 feet tomorrow morning, but snow showers will be decreasing in the afternoon. Temperatures will be as much as 35 degrees colder on Monday as compared to Saturday, so everyone should be prepared for changeable weather this holiday weekend.

Meteorologist Dan Pope-Live 5 Weather HD. Sunday August 31, 2008.

Anybody up for a Millcreek ride next week? Those trails are going to be sweet in a few days... I haven't been on my mountain bike since the last Solitude race - think I'll remember how to ride dirt?

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Unknown said...

that little weather system was just what we needed.

scrub the air, green up the hills and cool off the rides.

I did a short spin up Emigration before work and it was perfect