Saturday, August 2, 2008

AF Canyon is Expensive!

It cost $81 to ride the American Fork Canyon trails today with Matt. That's $6 to enter the canyon and $75 for a parking ticket. Regarding the latter, all I'm going to say is I wasn't in an official parking space but seriously, when I parked I thought I was. A car was backing out as we entered the lot at the Timpooneke trailhead, I scored the now vacant space, and all was good. There were two cars to my right, towards Timp. Surely I was in a designated parking space right? Wrong! Turns out I was just outside of the last marked space. Tons of cars had tickets on their windows as the lot was PACKED when we arrived at 10:30ish. Luckily it seemed almost everyone was hiking the trail to Timp as we encountered very little traffic on the trails.

As far as our ride went we took the standard route to Ridge 157 to Deer Creek South Fork to the summit where we jumped back on Ridge 157 and climbed back up to the main intersection. This time we dropped down Tibble Fork and then finished by climbing the road back to the car. With the exception of a little dust (ok, there was a LOT of dust in some sections) and a hiker who obviously felt he owned the trail (he never uttered a word, expressing his disdain for our kind by taking his very sweet time yielding the trail. Whatever, we were still extremely polite and friendly) it was a fantastic ride.

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