Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boise Day #3: Easy

Cami and I rolled easy today in preparation for our anniversary ride tomorrow (not sure if we'll be riding road or dirt as she is making the call and hasn't decided yet). Plus, my legs were a bit toasty after the hard effort on Bogus yesterday.

In the afternoon we visited my grandparents who live in Caldwell. Wednesday is when they water their lawn and I've been wanting the kids to check it out for years. You see, they don't use conventional sprinklers but rather flood it with secondary water. When finished the lawn is covered with 2-3" of water which my brother, sisters and I loved to run around in back in the day. Well, my kids dialed it up a notch this afternoon and showed me how to really play in the water. Kate was doing gymnastics: front walkovers, back walkovers and cartwheels, enjoying the splashing that accompanied each move. Alder perfected a front slide that saw him covering 8-10 feet on his belly after diving forward at a full sprint. That, and an improvised dance routine that Twitch and Josh of So You Think You Can Dance fame would envy. Dancing is so much better when performed on flooded grass! I'm kicking myself for not having a video camera to capture the fun. As a parent it's great to see your kids experiencing memories you enjoyed as kids. Plus, all of the time they spend with their great-grandparents is a huge bonus in my book. Me, I didn't have the chance to get to know my great-grandparents so I try to give them as many opportunities as possible to get to know them.

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I love Rhubarb!

Did the Crest to Mid and back loop. 3:30. Pushing sunset and tired legs. Moose standing at the top of Scotty's. Had to back off a bit. Some runners scared it into the trees letting me slide by.