Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterfield #1

I can't decide which canyon is more difficult: Little Cottonwood or Butterfield. Little C is relentless from the start while Butterfield starts out deceptively easy. However, once you hit the switchbacks mid-way up Butterfield it's game on until you reach the top. If you think climbing 9% grades is hard do Butterfield. You won't believe how easy it feels when you exit the 16% switchbacks!

I added a poll to the sidebar for you to cast your vote. I'm going to withhold judgement until I've climbed Little Cottonwood again.

Joining me in the fun this evening was Todd, Warren, Kris and Jared. I don't think Todd broke a sweat even though he rode from his house in Pleasant Grove. Does he look tired to you?

Warren made it look easy in his 39x26. Me, I kept waiting for him to sit up and chat but he never did, forcing me to fight just to keep him in sight!

Kris shrugged off the effects of yesterday's gastric distress and finished strong. Jared, after throwing down for a mile in the pool this morning, learned why Tri courses don't usually include bike courses with sections of 16% grade!

All in all it was a fun ride with the highlight being the bombing descent (once we exited the switchbacks) and run into Herriman.

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Anonymous said...

I can't cast a vote because I've never done Butterfield, but I do reccomend Farmington Canyon if you're looking for a real climb. 2 hrs. of climbing 5,000 foot gain. The pain begins immeadeatly on the pavement. then you switch to dirt and it lets up quite a bit. Once you get pat the utility sheds you pretty much loose sight and sound of all the red-necks and atv's they can't breath up there. It begins to get steep again. Real steep and then the last three pitches get even steeper. It's great!