Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Millcreek on the Single

This evening Kris and I turned the clock forward two months and ripped to Dog Lake and the Canyons Overlook in a shockingly cold and snow trimmed late fall wonderland. What am I talking about you ask? Remember that really big, wet, 35 degree colder than Saturday storm that arrived Sunday evening and hung around for half the day on Monday? That's what I'm talking about. Perhaps we rode a day or two early, but even so the trails were in great shape and any hint of dust or heat were nowhere to be found. And it was cold, very cold. As in I can see my breath when I exhale cold. Oh, and I rode my single speed. My rigid single speed. Maybe that explains why my legs are toast and my hands/arms/shoulders are extremely tired. Anybody have a 29er suspension fork they want to sell me? I love climbing fully rigid but man, descending can be tough on the old body!


Piotrek said...

Sorry, but I voted for Little Cottonwood. Butterfield is crazy hard through the steep section, but not as relentless IMO. It was kind of a toss up though so I could be wrong.

Utahmtbiker said...

Man those trails dont visit us nearly long enough each year...Sad to think they'll soon be covered