Saturday, June 7, 2008

ICUP #8: 17th Annual Deer Valley Pedalfest

Today saw me take my first ever top ten in the Sport Men 35-39 category. Sweet right? Well, not really. Here's why not:

1) I finished in 8th place
2) There were only 8 riders in my category

So when put in the proper context, I actually scored my second DFL of the year. Yeah, not so great. However, I did manage a (for me) respectable start and actually hit the top of the initial climb to Little Stick within two bike lengths of Warren and Stephen. In fact, at that point in the race I actually thought I could manage a decent finish. So what happened?

Basically, to put it bluntly, I really, really sucked going downhill today.

This was my first race on a wet/damp/muddy/tacky course and I struggled with the perception that the trail was slick. At times it was, but more often than not it wasn't, yet I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I could go faster. I started paying more attention to who was catching up to me (so I could pull over and let them by) rather than focus on riding. At times it got so bad that I would let one person by, see another close behind them and wait to let them by only to see yet another and wait a bit longer to let them by too. To say I was extremely courteous would be an understatement. I was probably the most accomodating racer on the trail today. If there was an award for good citizenship I would have won it.

Regardless, it was a fun race. The trail is sweet and under the right circumstances (i.e. good weather and with a few pre-rides under my belt) I think I could manage a respectable finish. And after leaving my shoes at home last year just being able to take the start today was an improvement!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who showed at that race is a trooper!

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Yah, I am not. I had images of freezing rain and sloppy switchbacks, or worse $40 in gas getting to park city only to have the race cancelled. Damn I'am cheap!

Utah Mnt biker said...

I wasn't happy with the shorter course. I think Ed should have left the laps alone.

Team Rico said...

what is that backpack looking thingy your all wearing?

Forrest said...

stop training on the road and do more mtn bike rides to get use to that stuff

UtRider said...

I'm not a fan of drinking mud. Also, going back to my limited technical skills, it's easier for me to drink from a tube in the context of a race rather than hassle with a bottle. It's true that I'm packing the equivalent of two bottles on the first lap vs just one if I planned on grabbing a feed, but for me it hasn't been a big deal.

KanyonKris said...

I stink on the DH at Deer Valley course. Last year I had people passing me right and left, but I just couldn't open up the DH speed. I felt a bit vindicated in my timidity when I came across a fallen racer being helped by 2-3 people. I learned later he broke his ankle.