Friday, June 20, 2008

Bike Commute Day 3

This morning I needed to complete a set of 5x30 second intervals so decided to take the scenic route to work. My plan was to do the intervals up Millcreek Canyon so I picked a route that took me over to the east side of the valley. Starting north on 1300 W I dropped 5400 S to 700 W to Vine Street. I rode Vine St east until it curved to the south where I turned onto 5600 S to continue east. 5600 dumped me out on Highland which I exited via Walker Lane. When I saw that Walker would dead end I turned onto Cottonwood Lane which led me to Holladay Boulevard. I rode north on Holladay and picked my way through the neighborhood to Lincoln Lane. East to 2300 E to 3900 S to Wasatch. After my interval up Millcreek I continued on Wasatch to the bike path over I-80 and then stayed on Foothill to Sunnyside to 1300 E to 200 S to 400 E, finishing at South Temple.

A convoluted route for sure but it's always fun to discover new roads.

Changing subjects, Alder and I had so much fun at the RSL soccer game Wednesday night I decided to buy season tickets for the remainder of the season. I found a guy on KSL Classifieds that had just adopted twins and was looking to unload his tickets. The price was right and the seats are great: Section W12 (mid-field, on the west side, in the shade) and Row 10.


IamMatt said...

Right on.. day 3 for me as well except I didn't do any intervals. When are you going to bust that single speed out around here in these foothills?

Anonymous said...

RSL Season tickets! I never even thought to look on KSL. Brilliant! I've always opted for the KFC cheap seats, then make a small migration to something slightly better. Honest? not entirely, but I feel okay about it.

Aaron said...

We split season tickets with some friends of ours and we love it. Good to see RSL take home another win on Sat. RSL is now in 2nd place in the West, just 1 win out of 1st, in case you haven't noticed!

kday - with attendance at around 11,000, I think RSL will take you any way they can get you.