Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Team Ride

Even though I was the only guy who showed up without his better half, I enjoyed the ride with Steve, Drew, Jim, Andy and their wives. We climbed Millcreek Canyon on the road until Elbow Fork, then rode Pipeline down to Rattlesnake Gulch and finished with a short stretch of pavement. The trail was in fantastic condition and we encountered a few, but not many, hikers, bikers and dogs. My new tires felt better, though today I discovered they're quite loud on the road at 40+ mph. They are non-UST tires mounted tubeless and I've had a difficult time getting my rear tire to maintain pressure overnight. Not wanting to end the ride with a soft tire, I overinflated it by 5 psi to compensate for any potential leakage. The good news is that it held air fine for the 2 hours. The bad news is that my rear tire was skipping around on the rocks due to the extra pressure.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. The scenery was amazing but unfortunately I left my camera at home. If you haven't ridden Pipeline yet this season do it now!


IamMatt said...

what tires?

UtRider said...

Continental Speed King Protection. 2.3 front, 2.1 rear.