Thursday, June 5, 2008

Personalizing the SS

As I mentioned in a comment on Todd's blog I have yet to actually ride my new single speed on a trail. However, in my defense, not only have I been sick, but I also suffer from a very finicky body as far as bike fit goes. So, to ensure that the inevitable strain on my knees inherant to riding a single speed is as friendly as possible, I have enlisted the aid of Dave Harward. See, not only is Dave super fast on a bike, but he's also dedicated an enormous amount of time over the years to the study of all things cycling: fit, coaching, nutrition, etc. I saw him earlier this year to get fit on my new Madone and will soon return to get fit on the BMC and Rig. Once that is done I'll be ready to take the new ride out for a proper introduction. Until then, I've been tweaking a few of the more personal components, namely the saddle and grips. As far as the latter is concerned, today I received a pair of Ergon GX2 grips and put them on the bike this evening. I've never ridden with bar ends before, but thought given the high probability that I will be climbing out of the saddle on the ss, they would provide a nice platform to hold onto.

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IamMatt said...

I have always liked bar ends. I am too cheap to upgrade my old school bull horns to some Ergons. I was talking a couple of people I have met on the traiils about their swept back handlebars and they loved them. They look really granny/cruiserish too me, but i think i might try them.