Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Saturday it wasn't me competing...

...but rather my soon to be 6 year old daughter who dealt with the nerves and butterflies of her first gymnastics meet. In fact, she seemed to handle the stress of competing much better than me! And while she didn't place in her group, the experience was positive and she's excited to do it again next year. Plus, she was awarded a cool medal. This year was more of a learning experience anyway as her instructor asked last week if she wanted to perform a more difficult routine. Of course she said yes, and while her legs need some straightening on her back handsprings (which she just recently learned to do), she was able to finish the routine and complete all of the required elements. Very cool.

After the competition I asked her to choose a restaurant for dinner. Take a guess where we celebrated. Yep, it was CHUCK-A-RAMA! Even with Bart's previous comment about germs in my head I managed to enjoy my meal, starting with a deluxe mixed green salad and finishing with a slice of carrot cake (minus about 75% of the cream cheese frosting - why do they use so much?). After dinner the kids and I saw the new Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie.

I also managed to ride my bike. Earlier in the day (7:30 AM to be exact) Cami and I met another couple from our neighborhood for a sweet ride to the Morgan County line at the top of Big Mountain. We started at the zoo, which meant it wasn't a huge ride in terms of hours or mileage but the weather was perfect, company excellent and pace conversational. And while my race results are still a work in progress, rides like this are a good reminder that the top secret training plan is working - quite well in fact - since this was the first time I can remember that climbing Big Mountain seemed easy. Sure, the pace was mellow, but the fact that I could get from the bottom to the top at a low perceived effort was a nice surprise. All in all it was a great ride. For those who may be wondering, the road is still closed at Mountain Dell and the road surface is in great condition.

Pass #1
Score: 9.0

Pass #2
Score: 8.0

Pass #3
Score: 7.5

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Anonymous said...

so the gate is closed, but the road is rideable?

I am so there Friday afternoon.