Saturday, May 3, 2008

My First DFL

Five Mile was tough. I felt like I rode well - my 1st and 2nd lap times were nearly identical - but I just didn't have the strength to hang with anybody else in my class. Maybe I'll race the Sport 30-34 group at Soldier Hollow to ensure this doesn't happen again (you are allowed to race "down" a category). My group is strong, strong, strong.

Congratulations to Todd for winning his first (but certainly not his last!) Expert 30-39 race. And to think he considered staying at home!


Eat Sleep MTB said...

Thanks for the props. I had a migraine and took some aspirin at 3am, but I felt loopy while packing the car. Anyway, great to see you at the race.

Anonymous said...

now you know how I feel at races ;)

It's going to take another year of consistent riding and lots of climbing before I think I'll be remotely close to the condition I will need to be in to compete against even the Cat 4 racers -- that's where Todd is now until he upgrades again to Cat 3 after a few road races.

Anonymous said...

Win? Lose? It's all about how the Zazoosh photos look, baby!

KanyonKris said...

In contrast, I had a nice MTB ride on some real single-track Saturday. :-)

Way to put it on the line and race!

Andy H. said...

I wouldn't get down on yourself about the DFL. My Salt Air TT time was 19:20 last month so you're at a much better pure fitness level than me. I think your MTB times will improve quite a bit with more saddle time in the dirt.