Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easy Ride in Fast Company

I need to learn how to ride my bike! Yeah, riding with Fox can make a guy feel like that. However, as I mentioned to Matt after we'd finished Jacob's Ladder and were climbing back up to Clark's, last year I probably would have walked the dh so improvement is being made, albeit slower than I would like. Speaking of slow, I apologize to everybody for my slow pace. Even Kris, who was on the bike for the first time this week after suffering a few days with a nasty cold, was smoking me today. In my defense, Bob has given me grief before for screwing up mellow days by riding with fast guys so today I made sure to stick to the plan and take it easy on the climbs. I felt lame bringing up the rear, and that feeling was compounded by the fact that the guys up front didn't seem to be working very hard, but I was able to stay within the parameters I'd set for the ride so will call my effort a success.

Probably the best thing about today was finally meeting Elden, aka the Fat Cyclist. As everybody who has met him already knows, he is probably the nicest guy you'll meet riding your bike. He'd just finished descending Jacob's Ladder and decided to ride up with us for another go. Watching Sly drop in to Jacob's Ladder for the first time and post a 3:32 was pretty cool too. Not to mention descending Clark's in his wake and seeing all the guys riding up stopped on the side of the trail waiting for the freight train to pass. Pretty funny.


StupidBike said...

in my defense, i always say fun is more important. SO yeah, have fun.

Consequences be damned, cause really, ribbons are great, but they are ribbons right?

IamMatt said...

you should do a recreate ride this weekend and bag the race..

Unknown said...

for me, an easy ride in fast company is when I turn around to go home after the fast company has dropped me and I have no idea which direction they went.

Luckily, this weekend I'll know the fast company is just a little farther around the lake than I am.

Probably too late, but you should try Bear Lake Classic one year. 52 miles and Raspberry Shakes after you finish.